This thing called love in all its multiple forms:

a mother’s, a partner’s, a spouse’s, a child’s,

a friend’s, a pet’s, a stranger’s, a sibling’s love.

And the very incomprehensibly incredible one:

God’s Love, with a capital L, no less!

Does it empower or embitter us?

Is it always such a double-edged sword,

cutting both ways? Or do we wield it thus?

(What’s that? You think love is a curse?)

Love inspires us to be kind, gentle, charitable.

It grants us the ability to transcend our

beastly nature to be the best nurturers.

Love grants eyes the power to gaze into souls,

blesses ears with the faculty to hear lies,

opens the mind to witness miracles.

(Curse it may be, but only to dead hearts.)

Love is our salvation, a precious gift of

Incalculable value that redeems the worst of us.

Love, in all its splendiferous forms, is

a cascade that offers the pure waters of life.

It might be tricky, but I dare say I

would not ever wish to live without