The Legend of the Hunter

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There comes a time in everybody’s life where we are called upon to step out of our comfort zones and embrace a new, better version of ourselves. Belac the Hunter discovers this on a quest to locate and capture a mysterious Elf. On his journey, the Hunter is forced to confront some hidden truths about himself, his beliefs and his past. He meets strange creatures out to kill him; even stranger people determined to make him a living legend; and strangest of all – becomes the protector of the one he was meant to seize.

   The Legend of the Hunter is the first part in a three-part fantasy series that introduces readers to a new world called Verahasti, to the Elf Leagues, the Hollow People and the merciless Silent Ones. Set on the continent of Wrochcia, it is filled with rich characters and bizarre creatures, and examines the themes of friendship, bravery, loyalty, love, evil and redemption. And loads of breakneck speed action!



269 pages

Cream pages

PUR binding

3 reviews for The Legend of the Hunter

  1. Shireen Jaftha

    I most definitely enjoyed the novel. Once I got started, I could not put the book down. I immediately fell in love with the hunter, Belac, but at the same time I was curious as to why he had to find the elf, Lathlin.

    My favourite characters were Belac, Lathlin and the Ripple. It’s pure genius how the author managed to create a strong connection between characters so different in age, backgrounds and abilities. The character I least liked was the vile Drakheen, of course. What a horrible monster!

    I believe the novel would appeal to everybody and not just lovers of fantasy. For someone who never read a Harry Potter book or watched any of the movies, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Personally, I feel the novel will appeal to anybody who enjoys a well-written story.
    I would have loved to give the novel a 5-star rating, but the manner in which the Drakheen is dealt with in the end was not to my satisfaction. Nevertheless, I highly recommend the book to everyone.

  2. Raeefah Gamieldien

    I’m so very happy that I read this novel because it took my mind off everything. I loved the fight scenes, the vivid descriptions and the unexpected twists.

    The writer is truly a gifted one. I was so enthralled that I just had to finish the book. Belac is my new hero, but I hope Part 2 reveals more about his origin and past.

    I feel honored to have read such a fascinating, entrancing and original story that has echoes of the Lord of the Rings, but it also has truly original ideas.

    Money well spent!

  3. Ali Mathieson

    The Legend of the Hunter is the most enjoyable fantasy I’ve ever read! I’ve read Tolkien, but his descriptions as he outlined journeys, habitats or environments were so long-winded that I’d lose interest.

    Mr Adams has created a tale of perfectly believable characters in a world that quickly became real and familiar, dealing with personal and national dilemmas that unfolded into a wonderful, well-paced and irresistible epic!

    I can’t wait for the next one.

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