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Here you will find useful links to sites that can help you self-publish, or advise you on how to go about getting your work published. It also has a link to a site that publishes short stories for free, making your stories available to anyone who loves to read. You won’t get paid for your stories, but it will be read! Isn’t that what writing should be about? The site is live.fundza.mobi. Some of my stories are on the site under Fanz Writing.  You can search for my stories on the site under Hidayat Adams.

Imagnary House - Publishers


We’re a boutique publisher and bookstore with a special focus on local children’s and YA literature, as we have a heart for children’s literacy and imaginations in Southern Africa.

We were founded in July 2015 by Brad Harris, who built the premise of Imagnary House on the back of his experience working with traditional publishers and self-publishing agents. Noticing a hole left in Africa for children’s and YA literature, he focused his own literary passion towards this end… enter, Imagnary House.

One day, we hope to make the exclusive books that we love available in every part of our beautiful country. We believe that enjoying the ability to read is the right of a child from all languages, areas, cultures, and backgrounds.

Fundza - Getting South Africans reading


FunDza believes that all South Africans should have the opportunity to fall in love with reading with all its benefits. To read for pleasure, and to make it something you want to do every day, you need to LOVE what you’re reading, and you need to be able to access great content, easily.

But it’s not only about reading, its about writing too. So FunDza also provides readers with a space to get published on the fundza.mobi network. All the writing submitted this way is marked as ‘Fanz’ work.

So, become part of the programme, join the FunDza Fanz network and read (and write) with FunDza today!


MYeBOOK - Publishing Advice & Packages


Here at MYeBOOK we ♥ authors. Our days are spent helping authors reach new readers around the world whilst reducing the costs associated with self-publishing. We achieve this by helping to convert, publish and market an author’s eBook online.


NOTE: This site also applies for your ISBN free of charge!


Australian Writer’s Centre


This site offers online writing courses, but it also offers an exciting competition on the first Friday of every month.

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