Palestinians are beautiful people. They are tougher than nails, and hardier than weeds. They symbolize resilience in its truest form. They were kind enough to open their hearts and land to desperate, persecuted Jews looking for a sanctuary, lived in harmony side-by-side as Muslims, Christians and Jews. Until the ugly Beast of Zionism came into being, fed by the colonial British.

Britain “granted” these Jewish refugees land in Palestine, a country that had a fully-functioning infrastructure with modern roads, a thriving economy, famous cities and a peaceful population. The Zionist occupiers, not the Jews following the true religion of Judaism, then wanted more land. The shameful, merciless and deadly occupation of a nation followed.

There is no mystery or confusion about the current bloody massacres occurring in Gaza: it is not in retaliation to a strike by Hamas. It is not based on religion, but rather on greed and the desire to own the vast gas fields and oil-rich lands in Palestine. Israel is simply using the attack as a most convenient excuse to do what it has been dying to do for the past 75+ years: exterminate the people they envy and wish to emulate. The mystery is in how this state that shouldn’t exist has so much clout that it holds the entire world to ransom, prohibiting any nation, with the exception of a few brave ones, from coming to the assistance of the Palestinians. These brave few have objected to the genocidal assault and have cut ties with Israel or recalled their ambassadors.

What power does this corrupt, vile state have that it can even dictate to the Arab World, cause these cowards to remain silent and refuse to intervene? Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain: filthy rich Arab countries with their own military, all stand and watch how an entire populace is being exterminated. But wait: it is not just Muslims who are being massacred daily in their thousands in Palestine.

There are Christian Palestinians, too. They are equally hated by the despicable Zionist beasts who spit on nuns and vilify Jesus. They bombed the oldest Christian Church in Gaza, and not a word of protest from the centre of the Christian world? These Zionists hate the Jews who follow the true path of Judaism. Israeli soldiers physically assault Rabbis, men of God, openly in the street with no fear of repercussions or punishment. This genocide is not only against Muslim Palestinians; it is the wholescale murder of an entire nation!

Why do American newscasters get away with showing biased newscasts? How can politicians and reporters openly state that Israel has the right to “defend itself” when the fight is one-sided? Palestine has no army; it has no caches of weapons or ammunition; it has no navy or police force, no soldiers and no intelligence agency. In fact, it has been denied all the rights any free country is entitled to.

Israel calls Palestinians “human animals”, “savages” and “terrorists”. Who is the true savage, the true terrorist here, the one who inspires terror in young children, old grandmothers, pregnant women? The one who terrorizes a population by daily bombardment since the 7 October “attack” of Hamas, who was only reacting to the brutal beating of Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan? Israel was not the terrorist then for storming a place of worship to mercilessly beat fasting Muslims for attending prayers? Israel is not the terrorist for killing innocent babies and children simply because they are Palestinians? Is the true terrorist not the state who has placed an entire population in the world’s largest concentration camp without facing any accountability to the global community?

Israel constantly flaunts UN resolutions taken, openly defying these, yet they face no consequences, no penalties, no censorship, no punishment. But they are allowed to call Palestinian resistance fighters “terrorists”. Israel claimed that Hamas had killed 1,200 Israelis in their October 7 attack, but eventually the truth revealed that many of those killed had been killed by Israeli soldiers shooting at their own fleeing citizens. In retaliation, Israel has killed 10 000 more Palestinians, and the death toll climbs daily. They target schools, refugee camps, hospitals – places that are supposed to be safe areas during any conflict. But they are not terrorists.

South Africans know Apartheid intimately, and what Israel is subjecting Palestinians to, is Apartheid in its purest, most evil form. They have stripped these Muslims, Christians and yes, even Jewish citizens, of their humanity. They have turned them into numbers, see them as savages, just as they were viewed as numbers and savages by the Nazi regime that persecuted and tortured them. These Zionist Jews have no right to talk about or recall the holocaust anymore; they have become the Beast they hated and feared. And they relish being such an Unholy State.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

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